The Republican Women’s Federal Forum is one of the most vital organizations in the greater Washington area.  Each month, members from DC, Maryland and Virginia gather at the Capitol Hill Club to hear a speaker of note and to enjoy exchanging ideas with fellow Republicans concerning public policy issues that are at the forefront of the news.

The costs to belong and to attend monthly are reasonable.  Members and their guests have an opportunity to hear first-hand from senior Republican leaders in the Senate, the House and the Administration.  In addition, speakers include public policy analysts and notable news commentators.  The membership includes Republican appointeesbusinesswomen, party officials and activists, both at the national and local levels.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get informed, get involved and get noticed! 

Founded in 1973, the Republican Women’s Federal Forum was established by prominent women in Washington such as Barbara Bush, Anne Armstrong (adviser to President Nixon), and Betty Ford. They saw the need for a venue that would inform women in the National Capital Area about current issues.

Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Anne Armstrong built the organization by drawing in friends and colleagues from the Congress, the Republican Party, and Administration appointees who presented their policies in a positive setting. Monthly luncheon meetings were held at the Capitol Hill Club.

The Republican Women's Federal Forum has featured many notable leaders over the course if its history, and looks forward to a vibrant forum future.

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